# 07-self-promotion

Adam Lee

11/11/2023, 9:03 PM
🔥 We are launching Nesa Labs, a video captioning (video-to-text) platform founded by three students at Berkeley! 🔥 📷 Start generating video captions on our discord! ( ✳️ Features 1️⃣ Get a general caption/summary of a video 2️⃣ Use custom prompts to customize your captions! 3️⃣ Get captions for each scene separately! 📒 Examples Get captions of a Youtube video with custom prompts (

) Get captions for each scene in a video (

) 🏁 Coming soon We will launch our subscription service and video-to-text API soon! Get early access to our video-to-text API! ( 🦜 Reach out to us! Let us know what features we should build! We are also open to hearing custom needs from enterprise! Fill out this form ( and we will get back to you shortly! For other inquiries please email us here: