A bit a-typical post: is anyone here looking for a...
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A bit a-typical post: is anyone here looking for a (pre)seed investment in an AI startup? I’m asking as this Wednesday morning (November 8th, 9am PT) I’ll have a F2F meeting with Kevin Keranen from Perfect Equity: https://www.perfectequity.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/howtosellonamazon/ Kevin is a self-made success; after earning $400 million from his startup, ZANOMA, he recently created his new fund, Perfect Equity, to build and sell early-stage AI companies. They are interested in multiple sectors of the market, except for Education, Healthcare, and Gaming. Interestingly, they invest with the intention to exit from day one and optimise the growth process for the exit. Kevin explicitly asked if I can show him decks from interesting AI startups, so if you are interested, just DM me no later than Tuesday evening with: (1) The deck in PDF (or access credentials to the deck), (2) Amount you are raising (+ status, i.e., “pre-seed” or “seed”), (3) Sector of the market + one sentence to describe the project / product. I'm sorry for the last minute call! I’m not planning to assess any decks but just collect and pass them to Kevin. My contact: natalia.bielczyk@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/nataliabielczyk/
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