<Results from our survey> on the state of LLMOps a...
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Results from our survey on the state of LLMOps are now live! Some highlights: • 🚀 _LLM ADOPTION IS EXPLODING_: 61.7% of developers and ML teams now have or are planning to have an LLM app in production within a year – up from 51.7% in April; over one in ten (14.7%) are already in production, compared to 8.3% in April • 🛑 _BARRIERS TO IMPLEMENTATION ARE EVOLVING_: Concerns about data privacy, needing a business case, or responsible deployment are trending downward while barriers like “accuracy of responses and hallucinations” are up since our April survey. • ▶️ _RANK-AND-FILE ARE DIVIDED ON NEW REGULATION_: 43.5% of technical teams prefer to hold off on new AI regulation or to better enforce existing regulations, while 42.4% are undecided or neutral.
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