# 03-ai-events

Steven Echtman

10/24/2023, 11:38 PM
Love to invite folks here to RSVP to this Saturday’s “AI DAY IV” (IRL in SF and Livestreamed) directly on Eventbrite to assure your spot: (use discount code “Aiify30" - or select “Scholarship” ticket if needed). Presos, panels, and demos run from 10a-6p. Cocktails and networking are from 6p-8p. (And, bring your costumes for the Broadway Studios Halloween party from 8p to late!) Check our event page for our speaker line-up, schedule, and more info:
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jz jennyzhang

11/02/2023, 2:07 PM
@Steven Echtman Do you know anyone who can speak on my #AIvideo podcast Else, would you benefit from my advice in AI product management? Chat with me Last, if you know anyone hiring, I want to use my experience launching AI products. As a product manager in gen video.

Steven Echtman

11/08/2023, 1:18 AM
Cool, lets chat. Are you in SF?