Key Takeaways from Elad’s Talk at the MIT AI Event...
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Key Takeaways from Elad’s Talk at the MIT AI Event: A Guide for AI Startup Founders Credit to Adam Lee Elad Gil recently imparted invaluable wisdom at the MIT AI Event, targeting aspiring AI startup founders. Below are the five crucial action plans he presented: 1. Delight a small number of people (High retention) 2. Move fast & cheap : No GPU before product market fit 3. Focus on low hanging fruits and easy. Keep it simple. 4. Don’t overthink early defensibility: - Most AI, SaaS, market place companies does not have moat. Focus on workflow. - Moat: Network effect(social), Scale effects(payment), platform(Salesforce), Deal moat(McKesson), IP(biotech), Distribution & brand(Coca cola) 5. Go for it. Don’t overthink it.Visa, Financial issue… it is time to go for it. - Will make 10x the progress focused on co versus side project - Unique moment in time and rare true tech shift Three points particularly resonate with me: prioritizing low-hanging fruits, ignoring early defensibility, and don’t overthink it. These principles are often stumbling blocks for many founders, including myself and my peers. Elad’s experience spans multiple tech waves, equipping him with the insight that these waves are recurrent but vary in impact. Too many founders are paralyzed by the fear of failure, forgetting that speed is the ultimate asset in the early stages. It’s time to surf the wave instead of over-analyzing its height. Even if we fail, the learning experience is invaluable. New waves will come, and we’ll ride them better. I’m grateful to Elad for sharing his real-world experiences as both a founder and investor. I look forward to our impending meeting and the additional wisdom he will undoubtedly share.
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