<https://domainotron.com> Just released a major up...
# 07-self-promotion
https://domainotron.com Just released a major upgrade to Domainotron. Check out my free tool for coming up with awesome domain names! Weekends are for building 💪 Just type in a short description of your business, website, or product idea and within a few seconds you’ll have domain names ideas being generated and validated for you. Unlike other domain name generator tools, all domains generated by this service are verified available, no “premium” parked domain names for thousands of dollars here. I’ve used a variety of prompts and filters to ensure a nice mix of professional, short, easy-to-spell .com domain names, as well as puns, wordplay, web 2.0 clevr [sic] names, and alternative tlds where appropriate. But feel free to provide additional guidance in the prompt, like “Mainly suggest .ai domains names that must contain the word “domain”. Results take a minute to finish generating but stream in via Server Sent Events so it’s pretty responsive. You can also pin your favorite domain names and then re-run the same or new query to come up with more variety. You may hide/show various TLDs by clicking the tld buttons. And simply click any result to register it. Of course I used it to come up with its own domain name http://domainotron.com!
Tested this out with a company idea we decided not to move forward with. It worked well! Will bookmark!
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