# 02-general-community-chat

Rich Everts

10/20/2023, 6:58 PM
Hey all, I’m out on the East Coast and despite my visits 1x - 2x per year as Full Stack Deep Learning’s AI events, haven’t been able to plug into San Fran much. Worked in the “AI” field for 7 years now and I’d like to come out more to stay up on the latest stuff, and honestly, just work with some people who care about this work like I do. I’m running a pre-revenue startup and can only make it out for a max of 2 weeks at a time pending costs for crashing somewhere. Frontier airlines is cheap (but very unreliable), so I could get out every other month or so. Does anyone have suggestions how I might make this happen with staying somewhere, the timing to maximize networking and events, and any other suggestions?