# 09-job-board

Josh Liss

10/20/2023, 2:12 AM
“You are the next $100bn platform” - Testament given by our VC lead about us. I hope she’s right! Our Company: The Future Platform for Generative AI creators and content. Who we are: A Hollywood producer & and a few former Googlers - (CTO and business lead) who have successful startup exits in our past. More detail: We’re building something incredibly unique, have funding and are looking for PM leadership who know and have done social interaction. WE ARE NOT AN AI TOOL. You do not need to be an AI/ML expert to be the right fit. The role(s): 1. Part-time fractional PM’s who want to build an advisor relationship that could evolve into something greater - 8-12 hours a month. 2. Our fearless PM leader. Compensation: Yes. Drop me a DM if you’re interested or know of someone who could be a good fit.
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