TLDR: Gen AI Edtech founder looking for a technica...
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TLDR: Gen AI Edtech founder looking for a technical cofounder passionate about education / AI Hi CV community - I am working on an AI assistant to automate non-instructional tasks for educators and teachers A bit about me - Stanford Alum (ECON + CS), currently at McKinsey (product, GTM, and strategy work), and ex-Gusto (Corp Dev) / ex-Onion Institute (K12 edtech PM). I also ran a debate tutoring business and served as teacher / tutor for many years to students around the world which drove my passion for education I am looking for a strong technical cofounder to build with and embark on the YC journey together. Looking for someone who is mission-driven and a fast and relentless builder, and I am open to explore adjacent ideas in education / learning if you have a strong perspective as well 🙂 If you are interested or know someone who would be a great fit, would love to hear from you! Linkedin:
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