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# 09-job-board
🎉 A friend of mine is looking for a job! Preferably at an startup/early stage company position as an AI/ML engineer/data scientist My friend Marin is an AI/ML developer and trained physicist who’s coming off some really cool work in developing AI tools for early detection of environmental and industrial issues using synthetic image data. Before that, he created a Radiative Transfer model for accurate solar power forecasting, where he did AI/physics modeling merged to solve real-world challenges. His skill set is the following: rapid prototyping and developing, advanced physics modeling, a range of ML libraries, frameworks, and algorithms such as Scikit-learn, PyTorch, XGBoost, and CNN, so he’s ready to add a lot to AI/ML projects and startups. He’s a US citizen, in San Diego, willing to move, but could start right away remote. You can reach him by email at marin.stoytchev@gmail.com and text: 858-736-6898
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