Great meeting so many of you in today’s co-working...
# 07-self-promotion
Great meeting so many of you in today’s co-working event as the special guest advising on Marketing! If you’re interested in marketing for your startup or have marketing questions, feel free to reach out. Thank you to @Irina Poslavsky for inviting me to speak and for hosting the event at Pixlcat cafe! About Me: Carolyn Nickell, aka “Caro,” brings to the table an impressive 15-year journey as a marketing generalist that began with a unique eyewear company she bootstrapped into a global brand and profitable business. Her most recent full-time role was for a smart hardware company called Vestaboard where she joined pre-product, pre-revenue as the first marketing hire, leading the company past $10M revenue (2022) and a $10M seed round. Today, Caro channels her skills into her work as a marketing consultant while gently scaling into a small high-quality agency to better serve her clients’ evolving needs. Services include strategy, leadership, and execution encompassing brand development, product marketing, digital presence, social media, lead generation, content, and more. Connect with Caro on Slack or Linkedin:
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