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MLOps Discord brings you a new talk! 📃 Title: DSPy: Compiling Declarative Language Model Calls into State-of-the-Art Pipelines 🕘 Time : Thursday - Oct 12th 900 PT/ 1200 ET RSVP on Meetup for the Zoom link: Abstract: We're excited to welcome Omar Khattab, the author of the ColBERT family of retrieval models. Omar is going to We introduce DSPy, a programming model that streamlines the development of language model (LM) pipelines. Unlike traditional hard-coded prompt templates, DSPy uses text transformation graphs to invoke LMs through declarative, parameterized modules. These modules can learn optimized combinations of prompting, finetuning, augmentation, and reasoning. A specialized compiler optimizes DSPy pipelines for given metrics. Case studies show that DSPy quickly generates and finetunes pipelines that surpass both few-shot prompting and expert setups for GPT-3.5 and Llama2-13b-chat.