To those currently looking for cofounders, I’m ple...
# 07-self-promotion
To those currently looking for cofounders, I’m pleased to share that we’re expediting the approval process to our beta algorithmic matching tool (! :) We currently have 13,400 people in our database looking for cofounders, and have gotten the first few successful cofounder pairings within 8 weeks of launch 🙌 In case you’re wondering, this is how we’re different to the other tools out there: 1) Powered by AI on the backend, our tool learns from your profile, goals, and needs to find you a compatible cofounder. 2) We take away the hassle of searching, messaging, and scheduling to save you valuable time so you can focus on talking to users and building your MVP. 3) Our recommendation also improves each week through your call and match feedback. To join, feel free to submit your email to:! Happy to answer any questions you might have here or via DM! :)
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