Hey there! We're on a hunt for a dynamic Growth Ha...
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Hey there! We're on a hunt for a dynamic Growth Hacking Manager skilled in YouTube, Discord, and Twitter to be a key player in our founding team. If decoding YouTube algorithms, nurturing communities on Discord, and amplifying brands on Twitter is your forte, all seasoned with an entrepreneurial flair and creative zest - we’re eager to meet you! What You’ll Do: • Strategize: Engineer and execute innovative growth strategies, focusing on YouTube content amplification, Discord community nurturing, and Twitter audience engagement. • Analyze: Transform YouTube, Discord, and Twitter data into actionable insights that inform our growth and engagement strategies. • Collaborate: Sync with cross-functional teams to inject tailored growth hacking strategies into our social media outreach. • Execute: Breathe life into marketing, product, and business development plans that elevate our presence on YouTube, Discord, and Twitter. Who You Are: • Experienced: Armed with a portfolio showcasing your magic touch on YouTube, Discord, and Twitter in a growth hacking or digital marketing realm. • Analytical Yet Creative: A maestro in merging data with creative sparks, with a focus on YouTube, Discord, and Twitter insights. • Tech-Savvy: A connoisseur of social media algorithms with distinct prowess in YouTube, Discord, and Twitter. • A Team Player: Born to collaborate, amplifying collective creativity and output. Perks and Benefits: • Equity Options: As a linchpin in the founding team, your stake in our success is tangible. • Flexible Hours: We champion a rhythm marrying peak productivity with personal rejuvenation. • Unlimited Growth: A canvas to unveil your skills, explore your potential, and ascend your professional peaks. • Cool Office Space: Nestled in the pulsating heart of [city], where creativity and innovation are in the air. How to Apply: If orchestrating YouTube growth, honing Discord communities, and trending on Twitter are your superpowers, we’re tuned in! Send your resume, LinkedIn, or personal webpage our way, and don’t hold back on telling us why this feels like a match scripted in the stars. Reach out by DM me directly on Slack! Note: We are a medley of diverse minds and voices, an arena where inclusivity and innovation are not just welcomed – they’re essential. Every perspective is a thread weaving the rich tapestry of our collective ingenuity.