Hey AI Builder Community! <https://lu.ma/yourdata...
# 03-ai-events
Hey AI Builder Community! https://lu.ma/yourdatayourmodel Join us anytime this Wednesday (if you need a place to work from while at the AI conference) also at 6pm we have a happy hour/networking, and a developer-led Panel with the creators of Chroma and Ollama, at the SF AI collective in the Mission! 💼 Co-Working & Technical Discussion Day Details: Date: Sept. 27, 2023 - this Wednesday Location: MindsDB SF AI Collective, San Francisco Contact: DM @ iain mcintyre, +15108333061 Schedule: 11:00 AM: Co-Working Starts 5:00 PM: Project Share & Happy Hour 6:00 PM: Developer Panel Discussion followed by open networking with leading CEOs RSVP for Coworking from 11AM and 5PM Happy Hour RSVP for a Developer Panel Discussion and open networking with leading CEOs: • Jeffrey Morgan, Founder @ Ollama • Jeff Huber, Founder @ Chroma • Jorge Torres, CEO @ MindsDB • Max Mergenthaler, CEO @ Nixtla Discussion Topics: Owning your own model: the pros and cons. The challenges faced when integrating LLMs with vector databases. Expectations and risks of creating a self-hosted model using quantization. 🌐 About Us: MindsDB is on a mission to democratize AI app development. We’ve recently raised $46.5M in seed funding to bolster our open source project (more details here). Our new space is not just an office; it’s a hub for events and broad collaboration with the SF community.