Hey everyone! We're happy to announce the latest,...
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Hey everyone! We're happy to announce the latest, greatest version of our rebranded app. It's Generative AI tools for Filmmakers. We call it: SAGA Jason Calacanis (of All-In fame) invested, and we're looking to spread the word and sign up new users. If you've ever thought of a career change or side hustle, and have an idea for a cool movie (who hasn't) it's never been easier to plot out the story, character arcs, acts, beats, screenplay, and even plan storyboards like a real DP... then film on your iPhone, do VFX in Runway or Metaphysic, and upload online to Social Media and get discovered by Hollywood. Already started a script in Final Draft? Just upload it and select any scenes/lines to "punch up" with your notes. Input character descriptions for consistent storyboards, in realistic or sketch style. Tell your friends and sign up for a free month trial with code: FREEMONTH
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