# 07-self-promotion

Sam Kaplan

09/15/2023, 6:11 PM
Hi there, a community space called The Commons ( is recruiting new members (they recruit only 3x a year). Their vision & culture is a mix of intellectual / spiritual / playful and they attract builders, explorers (sabbaticals & researchers), artists, and spiritual & civic-minded folks. They have community-run programming focused on inner/personal development, meaning-making, and creative expression. It’s also just a dope space / community living room for anyone to co-work, vibe, lounge, etc. They’re looking for new members and I thought people here might be interested in joining their community. I know the organizers well and if you mention me in your application, they’ll be happy to prioritize your application. Apply here or feel free to email them with any Qs at or dm them on twitter