Mark your calendars for a transformative experienc...
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Mark your calendars for a transformative experience! The GenAI Summit is happening at the Santa Clara Convention Center on 9/23. Use my code 'MCKINSEY' for an exclusive discount! 🎟️ If you're eyeing sponsorship opportunities or have queries, please DM me directly. (For a detailed peek into the summit, visit: 🎙️ Distinguished Speakers Include: • CEO of LangChain, Arize, Glean, Perplexity AI, LlamaIndex • GM Of AI from Microsoft • Representatives from OpenAI, NVIDIA, a16z, • ... and a host of pioneers shaping the AI frontier. 🎙️ Why you should be there: • Network with a vibrant crowd of over 1,500 attendees, ranging from innovators to investors. • Strengthen Community Ties: Engage, collaborate, and fortify our brand's presence. • 40+ amazing AI startup exhibits
GenAI Summit Guest Updates 1. Rajat Suri - Cofounder at Lima - Founder at Presto - Co-founder at Lyft 2. Sudip Roy - Director of Engineering at Cohere 3. Ameer Haj-Ali - Head of Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Engineering at Anyscale 4. Nathaniel Barling - Product & AI at a16z 5. Yichong Xu - AI Researcher at Character.AI