Question: Why do people use Partiful? What does ...
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Question: Why do people use Partiful? What does it do different than everything else?
It’s a buggy mess for me. I never get SMSes so can’t access it on my phone anymore. Tried registering for something the other day and had to do it three times before it worked.. but the survey was empty…
b is slightly better, a16z's choice, but to me they're both atrociously designed, except for maybe the background animations, which are such a flashback to 1998. may turn out to be a viable alternative, TBD
IKR. And I never get Calendar Invites either from Partiful. Luma and Eventbrite integrates much better with Google Calendar.
@Barrett Williams I have problems with both luma and partiful in terms of random shit just being nowhere to be found, but they largely work. If you're doing virtual events though, I recommend not using either as it adds a registration step