# 09-job-board

Anthony Diaz

09/07/2023, 10:31 PM
Hi everyone, we are recruiting validators in case anyone is interested or knows of groups that would like to learn more Ex. Layer 1 AI-zkEVM SmartChain by Go! Labs: 🚀 High-Yield Staking: 10-15% annual staking rate 💼 Low Entry: Just 1K tokens to start Early-Bird Bonus: +5% reward for 3 months 🌱 Sustained Rewards: 20% inflation set for validators 🤝 Shape Our Future: Vote & get dev resources 🔗 Referral Boost: 500 tokens for each new validator ⏱️ Performance Pays: Extra for uptime & security 📊 Full Transparency: Real-time metrics & rewards Our goal is to revolutionize global well-being while addressing a $30T global crisis, unifying personal and planetary health for impact via AI-powered blockchains. Interest Form:, thank you Anthony