Howdy :wave: , we’re very excited to announce the...
# 07-self-promotion
Howdy 👋 , we’re very excited to announce the release of
, a zero-dependency, modular TypeScript SDK for building robust natural language applications. Alpha users really liked it so far, so we hope you will as well!
• First-class streaming support for both low-level byte streams and higher-level JavaScript object streams • First-class support for streaming arbitrary data in addition to the LLM responseComes with a set of utilities and React hooks for easily creating robust client applications • Built exclusively on modern web standards such as
and the stream APIs • Supports Node 18+, Next.js serverless or edge runtime, browsers, ESM, CJS, and more • Supports a custom
implementation for request middleware (e.g., custom headers, logging) • And more! A couple things to note: • Install with
npm install @axflow/models
• Check out the Getting Started guide to get up and running