Hey folks :wave: Are you a product manager or a pr...
# 07-self-promotion
Hey folks 👋 Are you a product manager or a prompt engineer? We just released a new tool with AI Hero that allows you to automatically version and test each variant of your prompt as you develop it! PromptCraft helps you effortlessly test and version each variant of your prompt right from your laptop. As it let's you move fast and iterate (including running a test suite) It's great for your next hackathon 🙌
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Going to give this a shot - I've been thinking about this problem a lot. So hard to build a good development process around stochastic prompts...
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Thanks @Michael Daugherty let me know if you need help / hop on a call. Once you install AI Hero and have your auth - You can set up
aihero promptcraft completions
if you're using OpenAI's completions api or
aihero promptcraft chat_completions
if you're using the chat completions api.
Love the name!