Reminder that Friday is the 1st <#InnovationAlgebr...
# 03-ai-events
Reminder that Friday is the 1st #InnovationAlgebra #DemoDay for our community of professional AI users. Its been quite a busy few weeks! A lot of exciting new tech is being worked on, much riffing on each others ideas. Meetup agenda so far: - Peek into Sibi Anands extensive toolbox of AI tools. - Briscoe Pelkey is introducing TAMI, a "digital marketing AI". - Sai Panyam is talking how the brainsimming/storming prompt has been adapted to use automonous AI agents. - Hannes is talking about more professional AI tools for the IA toolbox including executive COMPASS, AUTO-PROMPT, and NEGOTIATOR. PLUS: A sneak peak what new stuff is cooking in the IA abs ... Sign ups
The available slots are filling up very fast, so there are only about 20 spaces left before we hit the zoom limit of 100 attendees.