Hey All, has anyone read anything they’d recommend...
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Hey All, has anyone read anything they’d recommend on what SAFE terms and valuations are looking like In this fundraising climate?
We’re raising right now. Valuations vary depending on who you are talking to (location of the VC) and your industry niche. Based on my convos, things are slowly moving away from the bubble mentality so valuations are inching back to normal (for US). Feel free to drop more context on your raise - happy to share our current experience!
Carta has been sharing some really cool insights around early stage investments recently. Here's one about safes https://www.linkedin.com/posts/peterjameswalker_cartadata-safes-founders-activity-7064268300762963968-vmGE?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_android
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Thanks Catherine, Bay Area, GenAI consumer platform with very high TAM
Strong Saif, thanks
Noted - I’d check similar companies that currently closed rounds (as per usual) but for GenAI you want to have 2 year min runway raise and will probably fall into $20-25M valuation. At least these are the terms sheets I am seeing so far
We’re going smaller with a $2m raise, actually not building a highly technical product. Appreciate both your thoughts (interested in other’s experience as well if folks want to chime in or dm)
Happy to share where we land privately as well