Has anyone come across any simple + feature full p...
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Has anyone come across any simple + feature full prompt engineering tools? I just tried a few and either they’ve been abandoned, are missing features, or the interface is hard to use.
- https://trywale.com/ — abandoned afaict - https://promptknit.com/ — almost what I need, but buggy 😞 - https://promptmetheus.com/ — I think it can do what I need, but tbh I’m not sure because the interface is unusable. - https://promptperfect.jina.ai/ — similar to promptmetheus, it might actually fulfill the features needed but the interface is not usable. - https://spellbook.scale.com/ — Missing feature. Specifically I want to: 1. Enter a prompt that has variables 2. Give it a few test inputs 3. Let it run a few times on each input 4. Let me compare the results 5. Let me add variations of the prompt and run on the same inputs 6. Ideally has function support as well (so I can see which function gpt would call and with which arguments) Anyone have anything?
@Rahul Parundekar !
I came across an AI tool map and it has prompt tools as well, hopefully you will find what you need;
hey @Islam Sharabash! we are building getperhaps.com for simple LLM prototyping 🙂 you can chain, use variables, run in parallel, and a lot of other features! would love if you try it