Webinar "Best practices for building LLM-based app...
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Webinar "Best practices for building LLM-based applications"Date: August 10, 8 am PST / 5 pm CETWho is it for: MLEs, Data Scientists, anyone working with LLMsWhy is it relevant: Many businesses started incorporating Large Language Models into their applications. There are, however, several challenges that may impact such systems. It’s great to be aware of them before you start. During the talk, we will review the existing tools and see how to move from development to production without a headache. • Speakers: Kacper Łukawski is a Developer Advocate at Qdrant - an open-source neural search engine. His experience is mainly related to data engineering, machine learning, and software design. Recently he’s been exploring the world of similarity learning and vector search. • Registration link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/webinar-best-practices-for-building-llm-based-applications-tickets-675612273497