:tada: PromptStash v0.2.8 is out! :tada: We've bee...
# 07-self-promotion
🎉 PromptStash v0.2.8 is out! 🎉 We've been hard at work integrating user feedback the last couple of weeks. Here's what's part of the update! 💪 🤖 PromptStash now supports logging Chat Completions - You know how OpenAI's Completions API is marked as Legacy? Well now you can stash your system messages and conversations built using both gpt-3.5-turbo or gp4-4 with PromptStash Looking to iterate prompts fast? We're excited to share with you two notebooks: PromptOps with OpenAI's Completions API + PromptStash (Beginner) and PromptOps with OpenAI's Chat Completions API + PromptStash (Beginner) (https://github.com/ai-hero/python-client-sdk) 🪵 Tracing with feedback - You can now track model inputs and outputs across various LLMs and log them with one trace_id, including LLM feedback. Makes it easier to track everything going on with your prompt as you iterate. 🏃‍♀️ Test Suite with Summary - Test runs now shows a summary so you can quantifiably understand what's happening with your prompt. 💂‍♀️ Client SDK that doesn't 400 - The Python client SDK got a boost with dynamic type checking and verifying that values match what the API expects. Upgrade your SDK now!
pip install aihero==0.2.8
We're excited for you to try out PromptStash for your #PromptOps as you build your #GenAI application!
Love it! 🥳
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would be curious to try this for readtrellis.com - i'm at jasmine@readtrellis.com
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