Hi everyone! :) I’m <Hazim> and I’m building an au...
# 07-self-promotion
Hi everyone! :) I’m Hazim and I’m building an automated, data-driven cofounder search tool. We have 10,000+ profiles of people looking for cofounders, and are gradually approving people from our waitlist to be part of our beta user group. Here’s how we’re different from other platforms: 1) Powered by AI on the backend, our tool learns from your profile, goals, and needs to find you a compatible co-founder. 2) We take away the hassle of searching, messaging, and scheduling to save you valuable time so you can focus on talking to users and building your MVP. 3) Our recommendation also improves each week through your call and match feedback. To join & for more info: www.cofoundersearch.com. Feel free to also DM me if you have any questions!
Hi Hazim - How have you seen early signs of success of people deciding to actually match up as co-founders after intro via this approach? Specially, as it goes against classical advice of not doing startups without prior background (Ignoring exceptions ofc) In past, I've tried to use Startup School co-founder matching, but sadly it's always hard to decide to jump in after intro chat.
Oh hey Hazim!
@Sitesh Shrivastava it’s hard to say just yet since we just launched the service 4 weeks ago but there are folks who are proceeding to the 2nd phase i.e. meeting/calling for the 2nd/3rd/4th time etc!
Hey @Faizan Ali!