Good afternoon, my company is launching today! Axi...
# 07-self-promotion
Good afternoon, my company is launching today! Axilla is an open source, end-to-end framework for the AI engineer of the future: the product oriented TypeScript engineer. My cofounder and I built ML platforms for self-driving cars at Cruise for 4 years, and now we're bringing best-in-class tooling to the AI engineer of the future, which increasingly is looking like a TypeScript product engineer. One insight from our days at Cruise is that the hard part about production AI is building a continuous end-to-end system, with a closed feedback loop from production. Ax is built with this philosophy in mind, and can be adopted incrementally, but covers the whole cycle of AI apps: continuous eval, RAG, serving, monitoring, and more We've already shipped two modules: * axgen let's you do ingestion & retrieval, which gives LLMs memory, and makes building apps like "chat with your pdf" trivial (
npm install axgen
) * axeval is a continuous evaluation framework that feels familiar, mimicking testing framework APIs.
npm install axeval
Here's a super quick "talk to your documents" demo (that we open sourced) that we built with axgen: If you like it, please give us a star and we love feedback (harsher is better!)
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How did the launch go?
Congrats on the launch, library looks great!
Launch went great! We're getting some usage and feedback which is what we want. We have a lot we want to build, so we need to make sure we prioritize by what people want the most.