Hi all! We’re looking for folks with experience wo...
# 09-job-board
Hi all! We’re looking for folks with experience working in computer vision or stable diffusion. We're current building a generative AI eCommerce SaaS tool and worked at companies like Uber, Airtable, and Adobe. We’ve gotten investor & traction with a few enterprise sized customers & have a strong network of eCommerce operators. Would love to hear from folks who: • have worked with HuggingFace diffusers or any generative models • are familiar with cross-attention, encoder/decoder manipulation • have an interest in deep learning & enjoy hacking collaboratively with nice people • A portfolio would be great to see, secondary degrees with a masters/PhD are also a plus. We’re currently a team of 1 ML Research Engineer, 1 eCommerce Business/Product Lead, and 1 Full Stack Engineer with a heavy math background. Feel free to email me at: andyng0708@gmail.com