Hey everyone! <Credo AI> is hiring for a number of...
# 09-job-board
Hey everyone! Credo AI is hiring for a number of positions from designers to researchers to policy managers! If you are interested in responsible AI, AI governance, balancing risks/benefits, etc. check us out. We have a strong product team, as well as great research and policy connections. Our founder is on NAIAC, we work closely with NIST and other standard setting orgs, have a global team with presence in Europe, and all of this in a small startup where each person has a lot of impact.
Credo AI brings context-driven governance and risk assessment to ensure compliant, fair, and auditable development and use of AI. Our goal is to move RAI development from an “ethical” choice to an obvious one. We aim to do this both by making it easier for organizations to integrate RAI practices into their AI development and by collaborating with policymakers to set up appropriate ecosystem incentives. The ultimate goal is to reduce the risk of deploying AI systems, allowing companies to capture AI's benefits while mitigating the unintended consequences.
One of the jobs we are hiring for is on the team I lead: AI Governance Research. We are hiring an AI Governance Researcher. My team's mission is to understand and advance best practices in AI governance, which then pay out in product improvements, community engagement, writings, etc. If you are interested, either reach out to me or just apply! And please share to others who may be interested 🙏