# 07-self-promotion

Kudzo Ahegbebu

07/26/2023, 6:17 PM
Yo! Good morning 🧠! We at Metaphor just opened up our API! LLMs are incredible, but they’re limited to the knowledge they have in their weights. Metaphor is a fully neural search engine that connects your LLM to the world’s knowledge in just a few lines of code. e.g you could use us to find 100 competitors •
results ="Startups working on [description of what your company does]", num_results = 100)
• and then instantly get the full page content of each link result
We crawl/index the web and have our own search algorithm that produces results that are especially useful to LLMS. Try it out here totally free and let me know what you think! DM me with any questions, or feedback. ✌️
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