Also, there’s an Anthropic hackathon happening nex...
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Also, there’s an Anthropic hackathon happening next weekend, not hardware but a foundational model
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Hey Ivan! Do you know if / when / how they will move people from the waitlist? Was hoping to be able to go to this one but I've been on the waitlist for it for a week 😭
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Same! My teammate got in but I'm still on the waitlist 😞
Hi, my approval is still pending. I applied really early. Is there someone I can reach out to, to be approved?
First round of approvals already have been sent out and another batch will be sent out this week.
Oh dear AI gods and holy spirit of Sam Altman, please bless my applicationπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
You better pray to Dario Amodei and not Sam Altman if you wanna get into the Anthropic Hackathon @Yura Filipchuk
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