# 09-job-board

Alex Halliday

07/21/2023, 7:01 PM
Happy Friday everyone! I'm looking for someone to lead Product + Use Case Marketing at AirOps We recently launched AirOps Studio 1.0 which lets people build LLM powered workflows, apis and assistants with little to no code. We are looking for someone to join the team to help us with story telling and product marketing. Why? Because LLM adoption outside of ChatGPT is still in it's infancy. We want to tell the story of real use cases that move numbers in business. If you have experience in SaaS product marketing i would love to chat. Referrals also appreciated. Please DM me if you're interested.

Chikodi Chima

07/28/2023, 3:52 PM
Hi @Alex Halliday Alex, I DM’d you. Would love to learn more about what you’re looking for