Hey all! We are hiring for a Technical Project Man...
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Hey all! We are hiring for a Technical Project Manager at AirOps. We are building a low-code platform for building workflows, tools and chat assistants with LLMs like GPT-4 and Claude. We've raised $7mm from great investors including seed investors in Uber, Airtable and Sam Altman's family office. If you are excited by the emerging world of LLMs, have good technical chops and very organized, we'd love to chat. I can answer questions over DM here as well. • Company : AirOpsRole: Technical Project Manager • Location: Remote (but we have and office in SF) • Org Size: 14 • Years of Experience Required: 3+ years We are also looking for folks looking to join on the growth side, if that's more your speed please dm me. https://airopshq.notion.site/Technical-Project-Manager-c1ad1cba33a74e3faf65e0707cf0e331
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My friend Ghalia is interested, let me know if you'd like an intro