Hi all. Laura, founder of AwakeTeams, looking for ...
# 09-job-board
Hi all. Laura, founder of AwakeTeams, looking for a founding engineer/CTO to jump on board. AwakeTeams develops interpersonal skills in the workplace at scale and measures impact. Workplace teams go on a learning journey together. Our data demonstrate skills acquisition, heightened engagement, and improved team performance. Our tech stack is currently run by a brilliant PhD in People Analytics - and not engineering. It's time to develop a product roadmap, integrate customer feedback, and improve tech delivery. We are: -in market with a scrappy tech-enabled product organizations are paying for -data-driven with initial AI integration -experts in and passionate about transforming workplace culture and impact You're a fit: -startup experience architecting, implementing and deploying scalable and cost-effective Web solutions -competent in frontend and backend Cloud-based technologies and code in Python -you're in it for the challenge and care about the impact If this sparks interest, please reach out directly: laura@awaketeams.com
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