Hello all! My company <Leap Labs> is hiring for a...
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Hello all! My company Leap Labs is hiring for a Lead Product Engineer in London. We are a machine learning interpretability company and have built algorithms to assess what machine learning models have learned. These methods are at least a year ahead of existing tech. Our work is essential to the safety and reliability of model development. If you take this role you will have great influence over how this tech develops and is applied to real world problems, serving as the bridge between our tech and our customers problems. The ideal candidate has full-stack engineering ability and the capacity to engage our customers and understand their problems well. They are customer obsessed, iterate quickly, and have an ability to flow between engineering and product development. If you are a little less experienced on the product development side, no problem. Someone who is willing to learn and grow into this role is great if our values align. The engineering skill is most important. If you or anyone you know may be interested check out the links below and reach out to me at jugal@leap-labs.com
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