# 09-job-board

Sreenivasan A.C.

04/22/2023, 9:50 PM
Hi all, I’m Sreenivasan AC I’m looking for job opportunity in Software domain, in the Bay Area. I have 7 years of Software Development experience. Profile role preference: Full stack deep learning work / Software Automation / Backend API integration / ML NLP training work / Backend logic /, preferably in a AI-ish company or domain, or Health-Tech. Location preferences (in the order of preference): South bay Area / San Francisco / Bay Area. About myself: I have pursued my Masters specializing in Machine Learning / AI from Georgia Tech, Atlanta (Took all AI courses). I was the Teaching Assistant for the course Deep Learning under Professor Zsolt Kira Interned in AI startup Mitra-AI / Invento Robotics / working on their Conversational Engine using RASA NLU. I worked 2 years 6 months at Google, Bay area - Google Cloud (Data center tools). I am currently working at Apple - Cloud Technologies team for AI. I also have Startup experience - working at FathomHealth - San Francisco Startup on Machine Learning / AI. In this ChatGPT Plugins Hackathon in the Cerebral Valley - This is the project our team built Personalised AI Health & Longevity Coach DM me if you are hiring, or can do a referral in your company. My email:

Natalia Bielczyk

05/23/2023, 1:47 PM
Hey hey @Sreenivasan A.C. how is your job search going? did you get any promising offers or contacts after posting this message? I just want to let you know that there is a ton of jobs in cybersecurity (over 1.5 million in the US alone) so perhaps you might look into that?
This little article on my company blog will give you an overview of the most attractive positions in cybersecurity atm: