Hey everyone, I run a theater in SF and I’m hostin...
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Hey everyone, I run a theater in SF and I’m hosting a monthly machine learning meetup and demo day. Our next event is Thursday May 4 at 6:30pm. I’ve got 10 presentation slots open currently, if anyone is interested in sharing what they’ve been working on, from early hackathon project demos to start ups you’re launching to tech talks and ideas do you want to share. It’s a pretty casual community meetup, but we happen to have an awesome conference quality stage and we will also be live streaming. Sign up here: https://mlmeetup.eventbrite.com And feel free to ask me if you’ve got any questions!
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The presentation slots are going fast! 7 left, grab yours while you can!
Let me know if anyone is interested in helping, maybe hosting a panel discussion, sponsoring, launching a startup or product onstage, or anything like that. This is still somewhat open-ended and I am open to ideas!
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Is this only open to speakers? Id love to share some of my research!
Speaker slots are just about full, but the event is open to anyone, join us!
@okgodoit I'd love to help! My startup can potentially sponsor the meetup/host a panel discussion. Lmk what's the best way to get in touch with you.
Awesome, thanks James! I’ve already got a venue (my own Great Star Theater) but would be happy to talk about what sponsorship could look like. My email is roger@pincombe.com and my phone is 770-866-0766. Feel free to reach out however is better for you.
@okgodoit Just sent you an email!
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