Does anyone happen to know anyone involved in this...
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Does anyone happen to know anyone involved in this angellist agent hackathon? I’m trying to get approved but I don’t have any direct connections. I’ve built a few relevant ML projects recently including a ChatGPT-style plug-in open registry for Langchain agents at the AGI House Hackathon a couple weeks ago, so I think I’d be a good fit.
I know folks at AL and will ping them to see if they can help you out here.
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I just forward this to a friend organizing this!
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Hi all - I'm hosting this 🙂 I just started looking through RSVPs and am aiming to send out responses tomorrow morning. Unfortunately we just got way more people than I originally planned on RSVPing...
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Such is the story about all the AI events nowadays
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Indeed @Han. I just launched my May the 4th AI meetup and demo day a couple days ago, and I’ve already got 2x the number of people on the presenter waitlist than I have presentation slots 😅
Surprised no one is hosting a Generative AI Stoned/Hallucinated event on 4/20. Or maybe there is? Lol
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