Hey all! Ever notice how every AI hackathon these ...
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Hey all! Ever notice how every AI hackathon these days is all about creating wrappers over OpenAI APIS. We’re hosting a hackathon this weekend, where the only rule is that you train your own model. We're offering free GPU compute, food and drink! Come through, break free! https://www.anythingbutwrappers.com/
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Finally! A movement I can get behind!
@Kudzo Ahegbebu the link isn't working for me 😞
@Daniel Hsu hmm weird it looks like it’s working for me
I'm getting an SSL protocol error
Oh nvm - I think it was an issue with my building VPN. works OK on cell
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Oh this is at the Celo office - I actually work out of there and that's the network I can't access the site on πŸ˜†
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Lol def worth looking into then, I'll check it out!
@Kudzo Ahegbebu - Signed up, how much compute time are we talking here? I'm working on a base model, so ideally need to glass a datacenter for a couple of weeks, but I'm not expecting that much here πŸ˜…
@clay richardson πŸ˜‚ probably not enough to glass a datacenter. But first prize includes a week of free compute on one of our 8X80 GB A100 Nodes!