tonight at 8pm there's the AI paper presentation a...
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tonight at 8pm there's the AI paper presentation at noisebridge for our AI school, @sandy tanwisuth is presenting on this socially adept game playing AI that I think is worth a look-see - feel free to join us if you're interested
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@Ari Kalinowski (they/them) (Delta_Ark) Saw this today. Is there a video recording of the presentation?
The organizer is editing the video. It will likely be posted on Noisebridge Youtube. Iā€™m presenting a slightly shorter version again at Carper AI Discord, RL reading group on Monday 6/5 at 8 AM PT.
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Thanks @sandy tanwisuth Can you share the invite to the talk? Would love to join.
This is the invite to Discord. The actual link to the talk will be provided by the organizer a few minutes before the talk. Under the channel "reinforcement learning" -> "RL Reading Group"
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