Wanted to share a course I will be hosting soon on...
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Wanted to share a course I will be hosting soon on Generative AI (if the dates don't work - join waitlist) https://maven.com/vrungta/transform-product-strategy-genai-startup-enterprise Embark on Your Expert Journey: Mastering Generative AI for Product Development This course on Generative AI is designed to guide you on an expert journey, transforming you from a dreamer to a recognized authority in the field. Dreamer 🌠: The journey begins with curiosity and an eagerness to learn. This course will fuel your intrigue and start to turn your dreams into reality, providing you with a strong foundation in Generative AI. Student 🎓: As a student, you will absorb knowledge about Generative AI and its applications, becoming familiar with its challenges and opportunities. This course will serve as your classroom, offering a comprehensive curriculum designed to build your understanding and skills. Doer 💡: This stage is where the real action begins. The course will help you put your newfound knowledge into practice. You will gain experience managing the AI product lifecycle, collaborating with stakeholders, and identifying opportunities for AI-driven products and solutions. Expert 🏆: Finally, the expert journey culminates with you becoming a recognized authority in the field of Generative AI. After mastering the principles and gaining practical experience, you will be capable of driving innovation, setting best practices, and foreseeing industry trends. This course is not just about gaining knowledge; it's about becoming a leader in Generative AI. We offer the guidance and resources you need to become a recognized expert, driving innovation and setting the standard for best practices in the field.