What could VC-hosted AI events be doing better/mor...
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What could VC-hosted AI events be doing better/more of? I’m the Founder and Managing Partner of Monochrome Capital ◢◢, I’m an exited unicorn startup founder, former product lead at Uber and recovering software engineer from my early career! We’ve sponsored some SF AI events and now want to put on some of our own - we are wondering what would be most helpful as it feels like the community doesn’t need more hackathons! 😂 Would hearing about topics like “raising your seed round”, “properly incorporating your company”, “closing your first AI sales” be useful and a welcome contribution? We help portfolio companies with this kind of stuff and v happy to share learnings from our own experience. What else would be useful? We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback so we can put on some high-value events soon. 🙏
Hi Ben! Early sales is definitely a topic that I get asked about. Not because I’m even the top authority on the subject, just because a lot of people are coming from technical backgrounds
One key element I have noticed is more startups are in need of cloud credits to run their early trials. FYI, I run a venture studio and an aws activate partner and more early stage startups or people who are figuring out have reached out for credits. A good portfolio of partnerships with Vercel, Vector Databases and Azure/OpenAI will help the new age startups immensely
That would be awesome @Amal David. Unfortunately I’m only able to dish out the partner credits I have access to companies in my portfolio. I’ll look to see what other options there might be here, however.
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@Ben Metcalfe - would love to interview you on these topics, and do a global AI roadshow of sorts to build your exposure for these topics. We hosted you at this event back in 2021 and had over 5,000 virtual attendees riding the crypto wave - https://crowdcreate.us/events/cryptocom/. Would you be interested in co-hosting a Generative AI one together?