# 03-ai-events

Ari Kalinowski (they/them) (Delta_Ark)

07/01/2023, 11:29 PM
We have our monthly AI project discussions at Noisebridge next Wednesday at 8. If anyone is working on things like 3DAI, reinforcement/imitation learning, very creative uses of LLMs, cooperative AI, robotics, we'd love to have you share your work with us. It's kind of like a technical show and tell where you discuss your technical triumphs and challenges. Feel free to ask me more questions (I'm facilitating!).
OK for wednesday these are the project presentations: --AI architecture in game engines (that's me) --3DAI in game engines --AI cooperation (with other AIs) --AI robot navigation --captioning real life in real time --and reviving emperor norton through LLMs Feel free to come join us come check it out.