Reminder about the <AI Transformation Summit> happ...
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Reminder about the AI Transformation Summit happening next week (July 13) in SF. • Full day of talks + workshops from Pinecone, Databricks, Microsoft Azure AI, Vercel, LangChain, Robinhood, Pinterest, Course Hero, Mem, and more. • Meet and network with hundreds of engineers (49% of registrants) + eng leaders (51% of registrants) over morning coffee, lunch, rooftop happy hour, and of course in between the talks. • Use promo code COMMUNITY50 for… you guessed it, 50% off. See more info and register here.
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Hi Greg! Thank you for this! If im not an engineer but I want to attend this summit to learn and mainly network. Do you think it makes sense? Or I will not understand anything?
hey @Tamara Flores sorry i’m seeing this just now. yes, you are more than welcome to join!