Hey hackers! We're the cofounders of <Sidekick>, o...
# 07-self-promotion
Hey hackers! We're the cofounders of Sidekick, one of the sponsors at this event. If you're thinking about connecting external data sources to your ChatGPT plugin, you can get back several hours to work on your plugin by using Sidekick to sync data from your Notion, Google Drive, or websites to Weaviate/Pinecone. You can go from signup to first query in less than 2 minutes! Without sidekick - 2-5 hours • Build data integrations or extract data • Chunk the data • Generate embeddings with OpenAI • Set up vector database • Test that your data was loaded properly • Start querying With sidekick - 5 min • Connect with Google Drive with OAuth • Press Connect • Start querying We'll be at the event today so if you need help setting up just ping us on slack •

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