Hi everyone, We're <polyhive.ai>, an AI powered 3...
# 07-self-promotion
Hi everyone, We're polyhive.ai, an AI powered 3D content platform. We have a tool that allows anyone to retexture/reskin a 3D mesh in a mesh-aware way using just a text prompt in 5 minutes. Our tool is currently in a free research preview. Here are some examples of what it outputs: Colorful wallet: https://polyhive.ai/s?id=PtXD Demon helmet: https://polyhive.ai/s?id=WYNx Iron helmet: https://polyhive.ai/s?id=NKAM Castle: https://polyhive.ai/s?id=KMz0 If you have any issues or questions please email me @ pranav@polyhive.ai