We had an incredible LLM Stack Hackathon in SF thi...
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We had an incredible LLM Stack Hackathon in SF this past Saturday! Over 200 people applied, and about 50 people participated in the hackathon in person. It was a close competition, but our wonderful judges Chip Huyen, Daniel Svonava, Sam Partee, Jacky Koh deliberated through the incredibly well-implemented demos and architectures of our 7 finalists! All teams built their solutions in a short time of about 9 hours which makes it exceptional! ā€¢ Q&A Track - Participants were given the community chat data and embeddings and were asked to build a bot that can answer technical questions in MLOps using community expertise. ā—¦ Winner: "Learn MLOps with Stephen" - Stephen is an QA system specialized on MLOps community slack discussions, armed with GPT-3.5 for precise answers and verifiable references to slack threads, guarding against misinformation. Congrats Keval Morabia, Hamza Owais, Derrick Mar, & Pablo Hansen!! šŸŽ‰ ā€¢ Insights Track - Participants were given the community chat data, embeddings and transcripts of MLOps Meetup videos and were asked to be creative and discover insights in the data and provide explanations. ā—¦ Winner: "Jumping Frogs and Bouncing Turtles" - a tool that helps explore MLOps community trends. Their winning solution built a chatbot for Q&A, and also created an embeddings visualizer with contextual jumping to MLOps conversations. Congrats Travis Cline, Forrest Meng, Brinda Thomas, & Jianghong Ying!! šŸŽŠ ā€¢ Best LLM Infra Stack - A special prize by EssenceVC was also given to the team who had the best use of infra for their LLM Stack. ā—¦ Winner: "Corn" - a DataCopilot - for AI Generated Data Exploration & Visualization. Congrats Richard Nai, Christopher Settles, Krishna Dusad, & Kristian Rolland!! šŸŽ
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These sound super useful! Would love to try some out if they are/will be launched publicly šŸ™‚
Love to learn more about the winning projects. Is there a way to read up on them?