# 07-self-promotion


06/12/2023, 2:31 PM
I launched GenHub, the GitHub for GenAI Prompts & Bots (Open Source Prompts) *(*closed beta for early adopters - US, Canada, UK only) GenHub allows users to create, discover, and run bots created from prompts - that do a variety of content creation and other use cases. Currently at 174 runnable public bots. Looking for Marketers, Content Creators, and/ or Prompt Engineers primarily If interested, use the Invite Code ZagfoTRf to get a free account.

Josh Liss

06/16/2023, 1:12 AM
Hey Will, this is awesome. Josh here, I'm a former googler who left to go the startup route.
What I'm working on has some interesting intersection with what you're doing. Would you be up to connect for a 10min chat?


06/16/2023, 4:29 AM
Thanks, Josh dropped you a DM so we can find a time. Let’s chat!